When a bride cannot find the dress of her dreams or needs a special size, she gathers photographs from magazines and websites and visits Mrs. Young. Together, they create a dress, piece by piece, made uniquely for her.


Creating the perfect Wedding Dress

Often, we take the sleeves from one photo, the skirt from another and combine that with a different top to create the design we are looking to create. Brides often bring their own fabric. She offers suggestions as to what will complement the brides figure and from there she creates a pattern.

Mrs. Young often helps brides design a gown by combining favorite pieces from several different wedding dress photographs. With her years of experience, she is able to create a unique dress that is tailored to the wants and needs of the bride.  The dresses Chang creates for beach weddings are often less formal, yet very elegant. 

Designing a gown for a beach wed-ding requires a different kind of planning. Mrs. Young makes the dress a little shorter to accommodate the beach setting. The design is often less formal while retaining its elegance.

Veils are another specialty of Mrs. Young's. Heirloom veils offer challenging opportunities that she enjoys to undertake. She can take a floor length veil, which was popular years ago, cut it in half and make a double veil. Lace removed from the bottom can be sewn along the edges to create a unique veil.

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